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New Gate Arts & Culture Centre


We are a vibrant arts and culture centre, where everyone can experience the unique cultural heritage of our community.


New Gate Arts & Culture Centre is located in The Fountain area of Londonderry; close to the historic walls and the city centre. It is easily accessible and close to all major transport links.

We provide a range of workshops, classes, performances, talks, tours, festivals and cultural events. As well as facilitated discussions, good relations workshops and peace building initiatives. 

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North West Cultural Partnership

The North West Cultural Partnership act as a co-ordinating body for six autonomous organisations, all of which have a track record of promoting art, culture and heritage activities. The North West Cultural Partnership is a registered charity (106022) and a company limited by guarantee (NI640622).

Organisational Chart showing make up of NWCP, including member groups

Our Mission

To use Community Cultural Development to engage, develop and transform the lives of individuals and communities.

Our Objectives

(1) Promote for the public benefit community participation in arts and cultural activities in the Fountain estate and surrounding areas (the “area of benefit”) by:

              (i)    providing and managing facilities for the education and training of people of all ages in music,                                drama, performing and creative arts;

              (ii)   stimulating artistic creativity through the provision of facilities and support for artistic expression; and

              (iii)  providing access to a range of art forms and performance opportunities.


(2) Advance public education by encouraging and fostering enhanced understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of arts and culture through the production, development and promotion of concerts, performances, festivals and cultural events.

(3) Promote citizenship and social inclusion through involvement in community arts in communities that face deprivation or other disadvantage and in particular:

              (i)    provide support and organise activities which develop the skills, capacities and capabilities of young                         people to enable them to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals;

              (ii)   encourage and provide educational outreach in an informal setting

              (iii)  engage with a range of age groups within the area of benefit in a manner which seeks to bring                                change within communities and also within the lives of individuals;

              (iv)  encourage socially excluded individuals and communities to explore social issues through drama and                        other art forms.

(4) Advance community development by providing facilities and practical support to community and voluntary groups and organisations that are or intend to be involved in community arts activities so as to increase their efficiency and effectiveness and to encourage such groups and organisations to co-operate to achieve their aims.

Our journey so far

In 2013, Londonderry was the first city to be awarded the UK City of Culture title, during that year a number of the organisations, that now make up the North West Cultural Partnership, worked collaboratively to develop and deliver cultural events. The organisations soon realised that by working together, they could achieve much more. Research was conducted and a report produced. The report suggested formalising the working relationships and outlined a number of objectives.

The North West Cultural Partnership was formally constituted in 2016. Soon after we were awarded a grant from the Department for Arts, Culture and Leisure, which enabled us to purchase our current premises at 20-22 Hawkin Street. The property was vacant and located in an area where vacancy and dereliction has been identified as major issue. 

Image inside New Gate Arts & Culture Centre before renovation
Image inside New Gate Arts & Culture Centre after renovation
Image of the gable wall of New Gate Arts & Culture Centre when building was purchased
Image of gable wall of New Gate Arts & Culture Centre after mural was added

New Gate Arts & Culture Centre has been operational since 2016 and has had a major positive impact on the local community. It has become a thriving cultural hub, providing greater access to services and activities, as well as improving the physical environment.  
In 2020 we purchased a derelict plot of land behind our current premises and submitted a planning application for the renovation and extension of New Gate Arts & Culture Centre. We received £1.7 million from The Executive Office Urban Village Initiative. We are grateful to Derry City & Strabane District Council for managing the capital project. The development will further address the issue of vacancy and dereliction in The Fountain and provide a much needed state of the art facility in the area. The building should be completed in January 2023. 

New Gate Cultural Centre - View 1e (Final) (1).png

Artists Impression 

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